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T-Eye Car DVR

  • Dual high-resolution color camera system with wide angle view and infrared
  • Continuous recording with two cameras, records directly to SD card (up to 8GB)
  • Built-in GPS, Microphone, LCD display, and 3G sensor (records event data for accident reconstruction)
  • Built-in playback software on the SD memory card

T-Eye ADR3000, Mobile Event Data Recorder (EDR)

The greatest risk while driving is the sheer unpredictability of events on the road. Potential hazards wait around every corner. If you are a taxicab or public transportation operator, hazards may be inside your vehicle as well. With dual high resolution color cameras, GPS, infrared, up to 3 minutes of pre-alarm recording, and SDHC flash storage (8GB included), the Teye is as technologically sophisticated as it is practical. Teye offers to both commercial and private vehicle operators an effective risk reducing means to aid in the investigation process, decrease collateral damages associated with car accidents, deter crime inside the vehicle, and overall enhance the safety on the road.

T-Eye, an in-vehicle EDR (Event Data Recorder), makes constant recordings of video footage using a 'first-in' 'first-out' method. In the event of an accident or triggered alarm recording, the T-Eye 'flags' these files so they do not delete when the SD card becomes full. When the T-Eye is triggered, the recording begins up to 3 minutes prior the trigger activation (adjustable). These videos may later be viewed for surveillance purposes or evidence in an investigation, providing concrete evidence for clarifying responsibility. The T-Eye provides an easy user interface to extract the data from the unit and transfer to a computer. Our unique software makes it effortless to view and save video files to your PC, with the push of a button you can convert videos to AVI format for easy playback in almost any media player.

Playback Software

Teye ADR3000 software

Event Data Recorder Parts breakdown

Event Data Recorder

Playback Viewer Demo

Converted AVI Video File (Front Camera)

(You can only convert one camera at a time)

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T-Eye in the Field

Who Uses Teye?Benefits
Taxi Company-Ensure Safety of driver

-Prevent run-outs and car robbery

-Enhance visibility of vehicle

-Crime prevention
Bus Company-Monitor in-vehicle passenger activities

-Ensure safety of all occupants

-Crime prevention

-Decrease liabilities
Cargo/ Rental Cars-Ensure safety of drivers and vehicles

-Tighten security at loading sites

-Decrease risk of losing cargo

-Crime prevention
Insurance Company-Speed up clarification of liable parties

-Decrease Shared risks


Teye Components

Trigger Recording

EDR Accesories


Guarantee the rights of drivers by capturing all questionable events on video. Obtain strong evidence that will hold up in court.


Record and reconstruct the course of traffic accidents as well as driver and passenger behaviors.


Discourage the crime inside your taxi before it is committed with the intimidating factor of video recording. The tamperproof security enclosure prohibits criminals from corrupting data


Reduce fleet maintenance costs. Use during shipping to reduce delivery risks and speed up the clarification process associated with car accidents.


Dispute red light violations, speeding accusations, and more with video/audio evidence and GPS data. GPS data shows your exact location, time, data, and vehicle speed right on the video!